Control systems

EFFER models offer modern and up to date control systems, from the latest version of Progress 3.0, all the way up to the open and modular platform SPACEevo. Control systems are model dependent.


Progress 3.0

Progress 3.0 is the latest evolution of the control systems that have been powering legacy EFFER models for many years, it is fully compliant to EN12999 and delivers many advanced functions for maximizing lifting, like DLC-S.


SPACEevo is an open and modular platform, that allows to add and create new functionalities over time, assuring EFFER crane have a long lasting operating time over the years and a higher residual value. The dual-core processor, the sensors, the actuators and the new harness design assure working in all conditions, giving power to the crane it needs, while increasing its reliability and durability for completing the most difficult jobs.

Discover more about iQ and iX models that are managed by SPACEevo.



  • Complete overview of crane status and active features.
  • Vehicle stability assured with overview of stabilizer ground contact.
  • Confirmed view detects which side the driver is on and what stabilizer extensions can be operated.
  • Remote control logic ensures functions are easily and quickly accessible.
  • Full range of personalised operational VIEWS.
  • Integrated working and hazard lights.

SPACEevo: Confirmed View

With the introduction of the next generation remote control CD4, the crane detects on which side the operator is compared to the crane, and it enables him to activate the stabilizers in full safety and with the complete view of their opening.

When control means doing more business [VSL+]

Variable Stability Logic PLUS is one of the advanced features present in the HiPro control system capable of maximising the capacity by calculating the stability according to the position of the stabiliser legs and the total weight of the truck. By accounting for the true load, it can provide significantly more lifting capacity when it really matters.



Remote diagnostics system

Loader crane diagnostics and management just got better, simpler and more user-friendly. Eliminate downtime and keep your crane in top shape, always. Let us watch your back and just keep going.

Enabling lifting performance and maximizing stabilization

EFFER loader crane models offer many features to maximize lifting performance allowing to reach further, and assure the highest level of stabilization for many operating conditions, which can require working in constraint areas.

KJ hydraulic two boom extension
CroSStab stabilisation system